Sipgate is closing down, switching to Anveo

So I’ve used Sipgate as my home voip provider for a while now. But they are closing their doors so I had to find a new provider. My search lead me to as the replacement to Sipgate.

Honestly the free service and number from Sipgate was great for me, especially since it came with free incoming calls. Also Sipgate just seems more polished and simpler then Anveo does, but that really is where Sipgate’s advantages stop for me. Anveo doesn’t offer a free number, it’s a dollar a month, but their E911 service is cheaper. Sipgate I paid $1.90 a month for E911, while Anveo is $0.80, add the one dollar for the number a month and you get $1.80. So really it’s a ten cent savings with Anveo.

We don’t make or receive a lot of calls, but it was nice that Sipgate had the free incoming. While that is not something Anveo has, it does offer 40 free minutes a day. This works out well enough and I don’t have to worry about getting charged for making quick calls out. I mentioned before that Sipgate is simpler then Anveo, but Anveo is more powerful, there is much more you can do or add to your service with Anveo.

If you want to try Anveo out here is my referral code: 3182282

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