How I’m doing…

Today I was asked how I was doing. I did the typical response with good or fine, most people are just being polite and really don’t care how you are actually doing. Honestly though, things have not been going good and I am not fine… not in the least.

Recently I just found out my son who is due in March has SLOS (Smith-Lemli-Opitz Syndrome). Simply put his body is not producing enough cholesterol which is needed for his early development. This can cause a number of things, for my son his chin is not developing correctly, fingers on both hands are fused and he has Hypospadias (Don’t look up that, saw stuff I can’t unsee). Oh and SLOS pretty much guarantees that my son will have brain damage.

On top of that news, which alone is very disheartening, I found out I have Cubital Tunnel Syndrome. Not too big of a deal alone, but it’s just another addition. Seems that it has progressed far enough that I’ll need surgery, as I don’t want to have a claw hand.

I need surgery, my son is going to be deformed and have brain damage. Also because of the way SLOS is transfered if I have any additional children they have a 25% of having SLOS and 50% chance of being a carrier. That leaves only a 25% chance that my child would not be affected by SLOS. So now I don’t even know if I should have more kids.

Yeah I’m doing fine…

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