Hi, I don’t blog a lot. In the past I’ve only really written when I was mad or annoyed by things. This site has been through a lot of iterations, but I’m going for something simple here.

Here I will put my musings… all of them, I am going to try not to filter myself and just put it all out there.  Even if I think it’s wrong or contradictory.  Hence the Not Orthodox title.

Some info on me:

I am a Christian, a father, an athlete and a nerd.  I am trying to raise my children right and be a Christ centered leader for my family.  I have competed in many sports, excelling in football and grappling.  As for the nerd part of me I enjoy video games and programming.  I provide for my family by doing the programming and IT for a start up company.  I’m their whole DevOps and I enjoy doing it.

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